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This challenge is for you if you feel

  • That you are spinning your wheels, and can’t get into the grove of getting things done
  • You have difficulty figuring out exactly what you want to do and how to set it up
  • You suffer from the infamous Imposter  or Paralysis by analysis Syndromes
  • Every time you think you are ready to get started your lack of self confidence gives you a kick in the stomach , so you dont move
  • You have so many ideas all over the place that you can’t figure out what to do with them
  • You think you need to produce a lot of content to get yourself known but totally lack the self discipline to get things going
  • You are of the business type that needs to have a plan before they feel they can move from the door step
  • You are full of projects but there is nobody around to help you implement
  • you need the security and discipline a small group can give to prove to yourself that Ye You Can
  • You need help to organize your life both at home and professionally to produce results

If this is you and you are an action taker , there is a limited opportunity to join this challenge starting Monday live

All you need is to clear some time off your schedule to make sure to be present for the sessions and know that this time, you will hang on to the schedule to come out at the end of the 10 days with exactly the results you define on day 1 – mostly a cleared vision of where you are going , how you are getting there and what you need on the way to make it happen – all of this backed by your own gut feeling that this gets you on the road to a result you really want and a life style you can keep motivated to pursue !

So what do you need ?

  • show up on June 1st with an open mind and the list I give you before hand to help you organize your thoughts and prep the day
  • The real wish to come out with a (better) working project
  • and turn up every day to get your project moving forward and interact with the other membersofthe group

How do you sign up

simple it’s here and it is seriously underpriced !