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or, if you prefer to read ..  take off from here 

It was a glorious Monday afternoon and my mind was fully set on the trip we were preparing to take with our motorbikes with my son to the shores of the Adriatic some 3000Kms away  . Needless to say , I was in no mood to be interrupted because preparing for one of. Our motorbike trips pretty much tops the charts on my pleasure scale. 
But all of this was going to be shattered in one instant. 
 Did you just see this!!! .. my sons voice was howling thought the staircase prompting the dogs to wake up in alarm and trigger off a total cacophony whilst hurtling to the staircase knocking everything in their wake… 
You know the thing several 60lbs of out of control muscles and shaggy tails galloping to find out what the screams were about can do to an otherwise perfectly planned afternoon.. or so you kidded yourself till then.
Mum mum come and see this ! Now now!  One quick quick, it’s live !
Honestly I was not sure whether we were just witnessing the onset of ww3 or the Opening of the doors for the Black Friday sale hysteria but something was going on and by hook or by crook it was by now clear that I was not going to get any peace by ignoring the ongoing chaos. 
Grudgingly moved up 
Saw Tesla blasted through space and first thought.. all this for a … car foolishly sent into space?
But then I started to think about the symbolism of the moment . 
Love or loathe him, Elon musk definitely has the knack to make his wildest dreams come true and sending the most thought after car of the century – which he happened to have designed from scratch hurtling down to the confines of space of which he was such a fervent pioneer whilst recording a stunning media coup was just the man’s whole mark.
Who else could have come up with the insane idea of proving the ability of thrusting space x rocket to the nasa by.. sending a car into orbit? 
But it seems that genius and madness have very blurred boundaries when viewed from an ordinary mind ‘s perspective.
It drew me back to the time when between hoping between 2 continents myself- albeit not quite in the same spectacular way, we were following Richard Branson ballon round the world epic yet disastrously out of control flight . and fall just short of the Irish shores after the most hair raising 1st round the world in a ballon.. do you remember that one? Thankfully both he and his co pilot [name] were found and rescued in the nick of time but they surely will never forget the affair as long as they live. 
But I was brought back from my reveries by excited screams .. it’s gone . Look it’s gone ! 
Around me family and staff were glued to the screen watching this little speck disappear for ever in the immensity of space with.. a teddy bear strapped to the steering wheel..
I wondered what Elon must have been feeling like at this very moment?
And how many extraordinary events needed to have taken place to get this bunch of funky metal to zoom off to the confines of the universe. 
Dreams/ aspirations? Hard, hard work? Hopes , pains, failures, grit, so much planning and adjustments to finally take the craziest bet to space or the … coldest deep in a merciless, murderous Ocean..
But then 
This where dreams take you when you dare wake them up. 
Or have the rare insanity of letting them loose even for a fraction of a second..
Beyond the wildest, craziest, most uniquely unreachable dream is a vision that never stops developing, living, defining itself and struggling to be born and prosper.
Dreams outcomes don’t get out of the oven as a deliciously irresistible taste buds ravishing   Cup cakes with a précise recipe that you could read in your great grand mother secret cooking journal.. 
No, the process is messy , very messy, adorably messy, messy in fact to the edge of insanity …  and pushes you to develop the art of tiny conceptualisation and implementation increments that seldom belies the magnificence and impact of the outcome … 
(Only you just kind of know because blood is rushing in your veins, every muscle , every nerve, every synapses is ferociously focused, extraordinarily alive and trepidating with an energy you have no idea where it comes from.. and your mind is overflowing with insights and obstacle exploding power pulverizing any ounce of this lassitude and boredom that too often plagues your life today.)
And if Elon or someone just as crazingly visionary and dangerously outcome-focus really delivered our civilisation to new colonies on Mars? How many tiny steps trial and errors , tweaking and adjustments will have needed to happen before that ever manifest?
Would sir Richard ever have thought he’d be hurling round at 100’s of miles an hour helplessly round the planet hanging for dear life in a mere basket from which all control had been stripped when he first started distributing newspapers from his parents garage as a drop out teen? 
Probably not in that shape but  walking the walk that was expected from him was not part of his vision either . Make or break his ability to find connections and puts things apparently having nothing to do with each other in never-t thought of ways before would take him from newspapers rounds to music icon to airline monopolies breaker to virtually anything he tried until he realized what he really was trying to accomplish – deploying the means to create outstanding leaders that would go and disrupt all kind of industries… 
but I am getting ahead of myself here…
And then there was this series of tweets- would the car loop round the sun or mars, would it reach the confines of the xyz belt? 
No matter.. 
No rise to the top happens without severe hiccups.
Hopefully you will neither need to fall off a flimsy balloon torn by furious storms nor will you have to live the stories of Elon or Steve Jobs chucked out of their own companies.
But whatever happens on your journey to reach beyond the confines of your imagination both your grit, the truly heroic abilities you never suspected you had and some seriously efficient support will propulse you beyond the glacier locks of what you today consider as possible… maybe
Dare to spot the dots no one has and you Will end up as a world leader. 
As your world of passions and aspirations leader.
Reflect on the deep challenges that face humanity at this very moment and you may end up with your own version of sending  your Tesla into space with a rocket you have built from scratch too. – or whatever is your deep deep thing . 
Those are only 2 well known exemples of how ordinary people have broken with the status quo of grooming thoughts of negativity ,mediocrity and limiting beliefs and given their liberated energy to the construction and réalisation of truly astonishing visions… but so many more lurk at the edge of our radars. 
Connecting the dots thanks to your deepest passions usually leads to what Robert Frost] described as the road less travelled. Robot-like ambling down the highway of accepted dogma and convention is probably what you are feeling is been forced fed to you – as the only way. 
Fortunately connecting the dots no one has bothered to investigate brings about truly life changing movements.
How deeply far changing? Well think about this totally different life story- you may have heard of Jeanne beynus. 
Or maybe not, but you are definitely benefiting  from her unusually acute keen sense of observation. The tiles on your roof or the heat exchange system in your building may have been designed by her students or the enormous waves of people in all industries and walks of life whom she back with her first book on bomimicry in 1997 awoke to the endless solutions nature had already invented for all kind of design issues we were still struggling with. 
All you need to do – simply put- is find how nature herself solved the problem and a way to apply it elegantly to your issue.. not as earth shuttering stunt as sending a car around the boundaries of the universe, but definitely providing endless solutions to lengthen the time we take to destroy this beautiful planet we live on ..
Daring a mind blowing vision is very much blowing your limiting beliefs.. out of the water. 
Nothing starts till you break the seal, create the magic picture and draw Excalibur out of your own mind’s sheath to cut through the inner enemy line. 
If you were Keanu Reeves incarnating x in the matrix you would have reached out for the blue pill. 
Fear, lack of confidence, loneliness, hidden bullying and hopeless lack of clarity all of it encapsulated in invincible looking mega wave of despair and renunciation is stripped from its delusive manifestations. 
Still when you break that seal and release the Genie in you, nothing else matters and you get thrown into a totally unimaginable and goosebumps triggering dimension. Who could have imagined the delicate monarch unfolding from its ugly vulnerable and geo bound chrysalide? Whatever the colors of your wings, they are made for flying and flying you will.
So the truly great and fulfilling things in life start with small steps a lot of grit and serious focus and clarity. all in your mind’s eyes first..
 like in the film Gattaca – remember the 2 brothers one so gifted the other one so ‘backwards” they thought? Always struggling to swim with his brother , X finally plucks out the courage to keep swimming ahead keeping no sight of the shore they have left. When asked if he wanted to kill them both he calmly replies to his smart brother now totally in panicked.. I have not kept. Anything to swim back but to reach the other shore.. and he thankfully ends up saving his hitherto  superior brother from drowning. 
That’s another common denominator about daring your dream. 
There is no turn back . 
There is zero chance that the Tesla will find its way back to earth in Elon’s life time 
Ther was zero chance that anyone could have rescued Richard Brunson from his mad flight across the globe before he fell so frightfully in a huge storm far from shore..
You can’t spit that darn pill out once you’ve swallowed it..
There was no fuel left to turn back on that swim. 
Dreams , once they are left out of the bottle are like genies, taking on a dimension and life of their own that drag their originators in the wildest , most exciting and fulfilling action literally beyond the edges of their original universes. 
 Just don’t stand in their way. 
Talking of which ..
I quickly had to jump out of the way of the howling dogs excitingly rushing back down the stairs, followed by equally excited teen ages and son. 
Mum you did not see this did you ? Came the reproaching comment.. 
Oh yes I did – and so much more. 
From the first steps of finding out what your ballon trip will be 
To the careful uncovering of what makes you tick, what will give you the most meaningful take off and build your strengths to swim the longest crossing 
Whilst unwrapping all the stages that makes your dream creation not only  possible but also sustainable and successful, dare Your Dream is conceived to be at your side dispensing the knowledge and helping you map the small steps to build large ideas that turns your current skills into magic swords. 
Not that we do a lot of dreaming whilst working together . 
No , just enough to give the full meaning back to your life, 
Crack the match and lit the candle to
Unleash the most powerful eXponential version of yourself to benefit your cause. 
So that, one day , sitting by an open fire on the the side of a majestouous mountain
Or the hypnotic rumbling of the surf breaking in the beach, you  too will be passing the inspiration of your life , your dream, it’s struggle highlights and accomplishment to your children and grand children, men and women old and young, passing the flame of the most meaningful accomplishments a  human spirit can accomplish when unleashed and allowed , nurtured to grow unreservedly. 
Back to earth and the moment is now. 
Your life is just about to take a giant step because there is no way, no way in the whole wide world that your story at this camp fire is going to be something like…
I had this dream.
I felt this urge 
Everything was possible
All my energy was gathering ready to explode into action.. 
But then – I don’t know what happened
I got scared
Wet feet you know, it was so different and I was not sure I could succeed
I did not know where to start what people would say…
So I did well … nothing 
If I could just turn the page back
I so much regret not to have tried, given myself a chance. 
And you would cast your eyes down
Avoiding the glare from your friends and family 
Feeling the warmth of life quitting your soul
And soon your body
Hanging just on regret you no longer can change. 
That’s not how heroes end. 
That’s not how inspiring human beings pass on the flame to the next generations
 And to make sure this never will happen to you 
 That you never will have to feel that lost opportunity 
I have created a whole pathway that takes you from the conception of your exhilarating life through to all the little steps you will need to check to make that vision develop and come true. 
This is dare Your Dream and it’s where your life finds its meaning 
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