directory for ecological transitionThere has never been a more pressant need to rethink our live and the way we handle our environement
Ecology is been politicized, weaponized and turned into a propaganda vehicle for nefarious aims.
Where do we find ideas, products and services that help us transition into the most epic time mankind has lived for milleniums?

We are trying to help you here by doing the foot work of finding, informing and vetting the options businesses and companies are putting forward to render our environment less chaotic, toxic or downright destructive.

If you are into freebees, you are in the wrong place.
Putting such a directory together is work , a lot of work , because we want it to be a genuine piece of support for citizens conscious of the crucial times we are living right now.

There is therefore a cost to participating, minute in respect to the value all parties get from the sharing of vetted information which helps us actually bring this work to you. If this idea is not fitting with your beliefs, better move away from this project .

Areas where we would like to bring you into this directory are
– construction planning, building , material
– agriculture, food, livestock humaine management , forestry, permaculture and related
– energy – production , storing and usage
– health Understanding, preventive and remedial physical and mental health
– business dealing with improvement of the environment in town, country
– water, air, ocean and rivers management
– sciences and education otherwise

We are adding more rubriques as they become obviously necessary and we have the manpower to do so.

This gives you the opportunity to become life time founder members , able to carry this privilege for years to come and to bring your suggestions, skills, needs and ideas for improvement to the developing team.  Maybe, who knows to become part of the developing Team .


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