The following mind map gives you a solid foundation on how to approach the need you feel churning your guts powerfully days and night to change your life radically.

Many of us understand we have to do something, few of us actually manage it, we make many costly blunders and the ration of people who succeed in totally pivoting their situation into one of growing independence both material and psychological and liberating achievement of greater Meaning is unfortunately very small.

So why is that ?
Basically we are not trained to turn our lives upside down, we have to move from complex existing situations with lots of attaches we are often not even aware of to somehow land in a new place, often far from our current abode, in totally new circumstances, often under all kind of duress either self imposed or outer and somehow the chances of all the ducks finding themselves in a row is incredibly remote.

Add to this a confusing amount of piece meal advice “tips and tricks” and even more How to from growing tomatoes in the Sahara to building a shed in Alaska.. and how are you supposed to string all those loose ends together, sort out the wheat from the chaff or even worse, apply it to your own personal unique situation?

No wonder so few ever succeed and even fewer end up with a self sustainable set up, land, buildings, occupation which they are fully able to manage long term, fulfill well recognized needs and allow them to pick up specific skills they immediately can prioritize to grow their inner and outer assets.

For, in those materialistic upside down days, if you forget to take care of your mind, help yourself calm down, focus, take a step back to see what is happening in and around you and then act accordingly, your best plans will still flounder. Your environment is the exact reflection of your inner being, and when you recognize how to track and fix, calm and direct your own mind towards a clear objective, moving step by step without over enthusiasm nor panic attacks laced with procrastination, a whole new world of activities and real possibilities will open up for you .

Let’s be real however, this does not materialize over night , nor in a few weeks or month. The maturation process we all undergo takes years but going it alone is both scary and fraught with real dangers. Especially when we have arrived in a world situation which few of us expected to get that way – that fast. Your life and that of your family is placed under increasing pressures and it becomes even easier to take rash, misguided decisions.  I have come across more and more testimonial of both friends and strangers telling me how their best dreams turned into their worst nightmares. Those are but a few exemples:
– dear friends choosing the wrong position for their new passive house which ended up costing 50% over budget and is situated on a lay line which make them feel perpetually tired and sickish and does not have enough land to sustain their needs.. to

-single mums deciding to “go it alone” and buying large pieces of land, not checking enough water accessibility nor, as they discovered later on was in the middle of frequent forest fires to

–  a successful medical doctor launching into purchasing a full 800 hectare ranch without proper knowledge of animal husbandry – in this case cattle and horses who was driven to near bankruptcy… those few exemple among dozens I hear about every week are a dire warning that you must be extremely careful and thorough in all stages of conceiving, planning, purchasing, maintaining and growing your project, because it is no longer just a business or an estate purchase situation , which would be bad enough, but if you are here and listening/ reading this, it is because you realize that the times ahead have not exactly the guise of a gentle stride in the sunny park. You will want to be genuinely able to stand you and your family to be self sufficient, not just for a week or a month but over a longer period of time and protecting your assets from complicated situations.

The mind map below provides a first step by step approach to start structuring your own thought patterns and begin the reflexion of what project to initiate, how and with what needs . It forms the introductory basis of most of my programs, be it our 5 week introductory course, our weekend live planning or my year long personal consulting.



These are simple steps which help us examine what is happening both within and in our environment, and leads us to both discover hidden gems in our own abilities and debunk the fears and misconceptions we have about creating our own safe place .

There is an audio commentary you can access here when this speaks to you.