Hello, friends and colleagues, in the passionate and often harsh life of non profits !

Like you , I think, we have struggled to get better visibility for our friends and non profit clients.
Despite all the energy we have to get things going, there never seems to be enough time, enough resources, enough volunteers, enough people who could benefit from what we do.

We have a mission, and this mission is to change the world of the people who get involved, but ..
too often we are the best kept secrets, and even those close to us geographically have no idea we exist.
When they suddenly become aware we are there and deeply rooted into our work, they happily come and join us and contribute as members, volunteers and even bring their expertise.

So how do we spread the word about our mission?
How do we develop processes that make communication easier?
How can we spread the word about our specific fundraising needs without being tied down to collaborative platforms which eat up 8 to 10% of what we raise with so much effort?
There is often too few of us to do too much and more admin to gather peanuts wen we need baobabs is not what we signed up for!

We need to find solutions, real ones, fast ones, efficient ones so we can spend our time doing what we do best in the core DNA of our missions. And have the tools and means to do so. 

Well since we specialize more and more in helping those who are genuinely engaged in ecological transition, not the official mumbo jumbo , but real grassroots initiatives, we have developed quite a bit of expertise to help you become much more visible and .. not pay for it!

In fact, not only do you not pay for it, but we can help you get astounding amounts of free publicity each and every month, every year. Most of the people we are helping do not even know how to use that many resources because, frankly, when we are involved like we both are in Non Profits, we are more used to not enough, than too much, right?

In any case, like you, I was totally clueless that such opportunities existed and could be used as long as you are a bona fide non profit duly registered in your area/country. And yet I have been working with non profit for decades and we do marketing for our clients on a daily basis. Goes to prove that even big companies do not know how to spread their message because, yes it is real and I really think will help you

* Breaking the obstacle of getting more people to be involved with your activities
* Solving the problem of needing more people to visit your nonprofit
* And let enthusiastic volunteers find you and come and help you

Not to mention the fact that you can, via this very little known opportunity, speak directly to people who will respond to your funding needs, projects, ongoing or up and coming

So if you are genuinely wanting to spread the word about what you and your colleagues do with your non-profit.
Involve more support, raise more money, more easily to finally be able to do all the projects you have ready and waiting.
Then I invite you to have a chat, I have more info for you here if that can help solve your issues or get to where you are striving more quickly.

Honestly , it costs you nothing – niet – zero – nada – zilch!
I do this in my spare time, just because, like you perhaps I was struggling to get things done or it took an inordinate amount of time and energy to go from A to B.
Also, once you realize what is at stake, you’ll know how serious it is and what a difference it can make for your work!

I explain things to you and you can do it yourself, or I can help you get things set up and managed, well not many people, because I really do not have much time, but I think we are so much in need of getting our voices heard and sharing the real efforts we are involved in, trying to fix the non sense going on on the whole planet, that I keep a few hours free here and there to try and help, as one day ,not so long ago, a friend called me and made me aware of what I was leaving on the table !

To make sure I can help as best as best as possible, I created a short survey.
why? because I think we are at the forefront of getting things done especially in those crazy times

If you don’t mind sharing with me – totally confidentially, it will help get a picture we can all benefit from

I explain more about it in the survey page here 


And to thank you for taking the time to read, share and if you like get in touch
I have added a special thank you at the end of the survey which I’m sure you will really appreciate


Lots of stuff you can use directly and/ or get help with if you need .


With warm wishes

Liane Montagne

PS I get you if you can’t really believe this.
But when the biggest companies on the planet end up doing something vaguely positive, I think you can safely look a bit further because it is not going to take you long, after the initial “WHAT !!” to jump on the opportunity [link’]